Written by ICP Group

ICP Expanded UV Coating Technology With MinusNine Technologies

The specialty coating industry for packaging, labeling, and graphic arts is constantly evolving. ICP brand, Nicoat®, an innovative leader and well-known brand throughout the industry, was interested in broadening their technology capabilities to better serve their customers. MinusNine was a leading formulator and manufacturer of UV/EB coatings, adhesives, primers and specialty products. The ICP Group saw an opportunity to bring two innovative brands together and leverage their capabilities to deliver more value to customers and increased opportunities to team members. The acquisition was very successful. According to ICP Group CEO, Doug Mattscheck, “The combined brands (Nicoat® & MinusNine), products and technology have propelled us into a new chapter for our industrial division.” Nicoat® and MinusNine currently serve as the foundation of ICP Industrial Solutions and are still renowned brands throughout the industry.